Pic-N-Color is great for children and adults of all ages. You're never too old to enjoy using Pic-N-color to convert your own photographs into unique coloring pages. Pic-N-Color is great for special needs children who have been diagnosed with autism, school teachers who are looking for a new unique activity for their students to participate in, and for anyone who wants to convert photographs into coloring pages.


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Convert photos to coloring pages with Pic-n-color

Pic-n-Color is a family run business located in Cassville, NY. We were established in 2008 when a long time dream became a reality. The idea of Pic-N-Color came in 2003 when my 11 year old daughter was looking at a beautiful sunset at camp and I said to her "The only thing free in this world is God's beauty". She looked up at me and said "I could color that!". We are hoping Pic-N-Color will bring many hours of fun to your family as you relive your special moments caught on camera simply by going back and coloring them.

Many copies of Pic-n-Color will be donated to schools, hospitals, and other charities around the world. It will be our way of giving to others in hopes of making a difference in children's lives everywhere.

Types of Uses for Pic-N-Color

  • - Day care providers
  • - Preschool teachers
  • - Elementary school teachers
  • - Middle school teachers
  • - Cub scouts
  • - Girl scouts
  • - Autistic and special needs children
  • - Summer camps
  • - Birthday parties
  • - Scrap booking
  • - Quilting outliner
  • - Tattoo artist outliner
  • - Military families to correspond with   loved ones away from home
  • - Or just to pass away a rainy day         with the kids
Convert photos to coloring pages with Pic-n-color